We provide expert services for your farming property. We can walk you through the process with simple steps and solid advice.

Valuations are undertaken for a variety of reasons:

  • mortgage lending
  • ownership transfer/sale or purchase purposes, either on the open market or on a private sale basis
  • a settlement under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976
  • current market rentals
  • compensation purposes
  • reinstatement insurance valuations on buildings

We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and spend a considerable amount of time and research in keeping up to date with any farm sale transactions and newly negotiated farm rentals.

We can provide a quote for valuing any property and, if accepted, we action the valuation as follows:

  • identify the property
  • obtain title searches, legal details re easements, resource consents, zoning and aerial maps
  • identify and research comparable sales
  • attend on site to inspect the property (perhaps in conjunction with the client if required), measure and inspect all buildings, obtain all relevant details re construction materials, age, etc, take photos of main buildings and improvements, ascertain details of all other improvements on the property, obtain details re stock and production
  • inspect comparable sales, analyse in detail to establish land and current market values, value of chattels, values of main buildings, net value and rates per mē on main buildings
  • prepare written report including annexures (photos, aerial photos, legal documents etc)

In discussions with our client we endeavour to obtain an understanding of the history of the property and how the farming system evolved.

Our reports are impartial, strictly Private & Confidential and are only forwarded to financial institutions etc on the request of our client. We enjoy an ongoing personal relationship with our clients because of the high standards we set in valuing properties.